Today I Am a Princess! by Jill Cikins

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A Children's Book Inspired by the Wisdom of Universal Kabbalah
This book was inspired in the wisdom of Universal Kabbalah, as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, which teaches that the purpose of life is to be the best we can be. With love and mastery of both esoteric sciences and the practical nature of man and the cosmos, Dr. Levry teaches that by living each day in the present and opening our eyes to the gifts and lessons that are all around us, our journey through life can truly be joyous and magical. It is my hope that the story of the Little Princess will show children of all ages that by using their imagination and focus, magical things can happen each and every day!

This is the story of a little girl who becomes a beautiful and wise princess. Along her way she meets the 7 Great Planets of the Sky as they guide her on her journey. She learns the Kabbalistic principle that each planet behaves differently in the sky and exerts a physical influence on planet Earth and on the human mind in a periodic succession equivalent to the days of the week. In this tale, magical planets speak wisdom to the little girl, provide guidance and teach an important lesson each day that brings the Little Princess closer to her Kingdom. Each planet grants our little girl a wish and a symbol to use on the day they rule as well as a magical phrase for the Little Princess to always remember. Hardcover illustrated book. 24 pages.

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