The Journey: A Tale of Human Healing by Bill Duke, Presented by Dr. Levry & Bill Duke

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We are excited to announce a healing, uplifting and inspirational short film, “The Journey” by Bill Duke, and presented by Dr. Levry and Bill Duke.

Written, narrated and produced by Bill Duke, this tale of human healing, animated by Francisco Encisco is a spiritual narrative that revolves around "Nobody", a protagonist in pursuit of identity and purpose. The soundtrack to this film includes a special subliminal healing frequency created by Dr. Levry.

Guided by the wisdom of his parents and armed with an instructional map, his journeys through emotions, challenges, and self-discoveries. The heart of this tale speaks to the universal search for meaning, identity, and acceptance.

The film delves into themes pertinent in today's world - self-image, acceptance, bullying, tolerance, and equality, to name a few. It serves as a mirror, reflecting the child in each of us and the journeys we embark upon. It will touch hearts, inspire positive change, and foster understanding in these challenging times. We invite you to enjoy The Journey, with its healing, uplifting and profound message.

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