Precious Mystical Formula for Protection & Positive Energy - Special Holiday Edition with Guided Applications

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Available for a limited time with instructional PDF containing 9 rare applications shared by Dr. Levry!
(Available while supplies last.)
This highly protective formula is imbued with a rare blessing that gives it the ability to remove negative energies, wandering spirits and all unwanted vibrations from the environment. It contains a secret mystical ingredient and is hand crafted in small batches according to ancient and mystical law.

No negative energy or disturbance can cross the boundaries of a space where this formula is present. It brings protection, harmony and peace into the home, workplace or any environment in need of spiritual clearing. In matters of frequent quarreling, this formula will appease the situation and bring harmony to one's relationship and home life. It neutralizes negative intentions or ill will to create a safe and peaceful atmosphere. Interestingly, this formula can be of great benefit to newborns that have difficulty sleeping at night. Up until five years of age, children are still closely connected to the other side and can sense these energies more distinctly than adults. If a newborn cries throughout the night or is not able to fall asleep easily, it is recommended to place the formula in a little pouch just under the pillow or mattress, or lightly spread it in the four corners of the baby's crib. It is so powerful that just having it in your home will take away the stresses of the day as soon as you walk through the door. It can even be used in cases of hauntings.

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