Decoding 2020 and the Next 7 Years - Part II

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Accessing Your Personal Energetic Blueprint

This advanced gathering delves into the heart of the wondrous science of Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Join us to learn the most applicable and effective principles of the Metaphysical Technology of Numbers so that you may break your divine code.

Our lives are ruled by unseen forces and it is often what we do not see that can hurt us. Learn the science of reaching an accurate diagnosis of the unseen forces that are creating blocks in your life by finding out how to construct an individual energetic map.

We often limit ourselves and stay in our comfort zone, experiencing only a fractional range of performance where we feel most comfortable and safe, never realizing that we are capable of so much more. The Metaphysical Technology of Numbers will show you an effective way of unlocking the secret of your excellence, which is hidden in your brain, cerebrum, grey matter and medulla.

We invite you to take advantage of this magical opportunity for self-transformation, healing and expansion. Let us learn to work with the Laws of Nature and make decisions that are in harmony with the fulfillment of our highest destiny so that we can leave a lasting legacy of Love, Peace and Light that will serve to heal our friends, family and loved ones for generations to come.

This comprehensive workshop is designed to allow you to:

- Decode 2020 and the next 7 years

- Access Your Personal Energetic Cosmic Blueprint

- Learn the Advanced Principles of Kabbalistic Numerology

- Discover Secrets for Accelerated Recovery and Good Health

- Master Relationships

- Release Blocked Emotions and Manifest Your Highest Destiny

- Transform Addictions and Unhealthy Patterns

- Avoid Unnecessary Pitfalls in Life 

Date: March 2, 2020

Time: Registration opens 5:30PM / 6:00-9:00PM

Venue: Manhattan, NYC

Early Bird Price: $420.00 ($500 as of 2/23)


Please note that the Rootlight Event Cancellation and Change Policy applies. 

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