Decoding 2021: A two-weekend course with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

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Decoding 2021 reveals the power of human intervention over fate so that we may create a positive individual and collective destiny. We need to learn how the laws of nature work and how the universe is operating to feel comfortable in this age of change. Through the knowledge of precise, mathematical laws, accurate predictions can be made to heal yourself and humankind. The tools shared in this two-weekend intensive course will help you overcome any weaknesses or destructive emotions so that you may construct your life according to your ideals as opposed to being vulnerable to external forces.

Click here to read more from Dr. Levry "Quantum Metaphysical Self-Care and the Mystical Science of Numbers in a Rapidly Changing World" -Dr. Levry

Course Weekend 1 - Metaphysical Technology of Numbers REPLAY AVAILABLE NOW

Saturday, January 30th
11:00am PST: meditation and lecture with Dr. Levry

Sunday, January 31st
11:00am PST: lecture review with Senior Team

Course Weekend 2 - The Psychotherapeutic Application of Quantum Metaphysical Self-Care

Saturday, February 27th
11:00am PST: meditation and lecture with Dr. Levry

Sunday, February 28th
11:00am PST: lecture review with Senior Team


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