Decoding 2020

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Decoding 2020 

Accessing Your Personal Energetic Blueprint

The Metaphysical Technology of Numbers in a Changing World

Join Dr. Levry for an intimate gathering in Los Angeles and prepare for a magical intensive that will initiate your being into the hidden aspect of the Metaphysical Technology of Numbers that moves time and space. We live in a world that is wonderfully and mathematically predictable. Everything in existence carries a vibration: names, businesses, relationships, houses, even hours, minutes and years! By understanding the divine science and alchemy of numbers, you can begin to follow a proven method of life mastery and success that few people have access to. This comprehensive workshop is designed to allow you to:

- Decode 2020 and the next 7 years

- Access Your Personal Energetic Cosmic Blueprint

- Learn the Advanced Principles of Kabbalistic Numerology

- Discover Secrets for Accelerated Recovery and Good Health

- Master Relationships

- Release Blocked Emotions and Manifest Your Highest Destiny

- Transform Addictions and Unhealthy Patterns

- Avoid Unnecessary Pitfalls in Life 


Date: January 25, 2020


09.00 am- 11.00am: Sukshma Vyayama Powered by Naam

11.00am - 01.00pm: Brunch

01.00pm - 03.30pm: Meditation and lecture with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Venue: tbd

Price: $500.00


Please note that the Rootlight Event Cancellation and Change Policy applies. 

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