2020 Naam Meditation Practice: Music + Instant Streaming Video (HD)

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Upon popular request we are excited to share the 2020 New Year Meditation practice video and music playlist designed by Dr. Levry. Imagine waking up and beginning your day guided by your very own Naam meditation companion. This remarkable new release has been designed to make your 2020 practice easier than ever by supporting and encouraging you to keep up with your daily meditations while ensuring each pose, exercise and meditative technique is performed properly and masterfully through expert video guidance in order for you to achieve optimal results. All you have to do is press play and enjoy your meditation session in the comfort of your home. 

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the practice now and begin on January 1st. According to Divine Spiritual Wisdom, first 32 days of the year, and in particular, for the first 12 days, create the blueprint for the entire year. Therefore, what you do and how you think and feel during the first 12 days has great significance on how the rest of your year will play out. After you have successfully kept up with this practice for the first 12 days, we encourage you to maintain your practice for the entire year to enjoy all of its extraordinary benefits, including: develop self confidence, remove bad luck and negativity, break through karmic blocks, clean the subconscious mind, tap into a surplus of energy for healing and spiritual growth and help fulfill your heartfelt desires!   

Includes Music Playlist with 11 Timed Tracks for Your 2020 Practice: 
1. Aum
2. Triple Mantra
3. Liberation
4. Divine Sodarchan
5. Mystic Sage
6. Notre Père
7. Sat Gur Prasad
8. Gobinday
9. Aleph Star
10. Protective Guru Ram Das
11. Hari Nam Sat Nam
Bhramari Pranayam

Includes 3 Videos:
1. 2020 Naam Meditation Practice | 1 hour
2. EXPRESS 2020 Naam Meditation Practice | 26 min
3. Detail Oriented Getting Started Guide that goes over the proper way to perform each exercise / meditation for maximum benefit. | 18 min

Detailed Instruction Manual: Also includes a PDF manual that can be referenced to get in-depth insight into every exercise, along with description and benefits. It can also be downloaded for free via the links below.

FREE Naam Meditation Practice for 2020 PDF Download: ENGLISHSPANISH | GERMAN | CZECH | PORTUGUESE 

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