Personalized Seven Cycles Calendar 2019

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Personalized Seven Cycles Calendar
Your Personal and the Universal Year at a Glance

The theme for the 2019 Seven Cycles Calendar is the Sun and it is sure to release abundant amounts of light, happiness and Divine Spiritual Wisdom into your year! 

This beautiful and inspiring guide maps out the seven planetary forces influencing not only your personal year, but the Universal year as well, enabling you at any time to know the hidden energies that are flowing into your life and how to align yourself with their higher vibrations.

Take the guess-work out of when to start a new job, when to initiate a love relationship or even when to ask for a raise or start a new business.  This Seven Cycles Calendar also reveals how the seven planetary forces can affect your health and what measures you can take throughout the year to stay physically, mentally and emotionally balanced.

Those who work with and meditate upon the high wisdom revealed in this calendar gain the necessary altitude to over come life’s ups and downs and in turn can better serve their friends, loved ones, families and communities.

How to Order: You may choose to purchase either the printed + digital personalized calendar ($42) or the digital ($21) calendar only.

The printed version will be professionally printed at the time of purchase and mailed to you within 10 business days. The print version includes a downloadable PDF, available within 24 hours of purchase and sent by email (with download link) to the address you specify.

Note: Please allow 10 business days for print and shipment of the printed version of your Personalized Seven Cycles Calendar 2019.

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