Personalized Relationship Calendar 2019

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Personalized Relationship Calendar

A 12-month spiritual guide to a happier and more fulfilled love, family, friend or professional relationship.

Beautifully crafted calendar available in print and digital formats

Healthy, loving relationships are beautiful manifestations of prosperity in our lives and something that only compassion, understanding and tolerance can buy. Consulting with and meditating upon your Personalized Relationship Calendar enables you to elevate any relationship to its highest potential by becoming aware of the mysterious forces at work in each person’s life. 

By presenting the unseen spiritual laws and cycles that govern all relationships in a creative, multidimensional way, the vastness of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, as it applies to your particular relationship, is accessible within minutes. Such insight grants you the knowledge and power necessary to not only steer clear of negative and hurtful situations but also transform any darkness existing in the relationship into Light.

Armed with such knowledge and support, you will enter into a state of harmony, peace, and Divinity for you will know that you have a wealth of options at your fingertips that allows you to respond and act in ways that consistently heal and nurture your relationship.

Each Personalized Relationship Guide Includes:

  • The standard 12 month calendar
  • The seven planetary cycles active in each person’s life
  • Contemplative quotations from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

  • Twelve stunning photographs; healing & metaphoric nature scenes
  • Specific guidelines and examples to help you readily apply the wisdom

How to Order: You may choose to purchase either the printed + digital personalized calendar ($51) or the digital ($25) calendar only.

The printed version will be professionally printed at the time of purchase and mailed to you within several days. The print version includes a downloadable PDF, available within 24 hours of purchase and sent by email (with download link) to the address you specify.

The digital only version is delivered via PDF to the email you specify and can be downloaded by both users.

Note: Please allow 10 business days for print and shipment of the printed version of your Personalized Relationship Calendar 2019.


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